Partnership Agreement

Delvy Asesores Legales recommends that its enterprising clients sign a Partnership Agreement in order to guarantee their projects and regulate them in a detailed manner.

The Partnership Agreement is fundamental for configuring the company’s functioning, especially for those newly created (startups), since the relations between the partners and their respective roles within the company will be able to be exhaustively stipulated.

Our team features broad experience in negotiation, preparation and drafting of Partnership Agreements. We assist the enterprising team in adequately articulating its Partnership Agreement according to the characteristics of its project and needs, in this way allowing them to be dedicated to the business activity with the greatest Legal Security.

We consult on the inclusion of all types of clauses, from agreements on reinforced majorities, day-to-day company operations, decision-making processes, partners’ responsibilities and duties, agreements on stay, non-competition, tag-along and drag-along clauses, clauses to prevent a possible freezing of the company, as well as the consequences of breach of these agreements, among others.

In addition, we advise startups in their search for financing in relation to the Investment Agreement they could receive from a business angel or venture capital group.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our legal professionals will assist you in clarifying any issues.