Intellectual Property & Information and Communication Technologies (IP&IT)

At Delvy we have the experience and expertise to help our clients design the necessary strategy to protect their intangible assets and adjust their activity to the legal obligations in terms of intellectual property and information and communication technologies with the specialist service of lawyers for Startups.

Data protection, privacy and confidentiality

Adaptation to compliance with data protection regulations, advice on privacy, confidentiality management:


  • Notification of files to the AEPD.
  • Preparation of the security document.
  • Data processor contract.
  • Legitimisation of data processing (legal texts).
  • Preparation of privacy policies.
  • Preparation of biennial audit reports.
  • Assistance in sanctioning procedures before the AEPD.
  • International data transfers.
  • Purchase and sale of databases.
  • Confidentiality Agreements (NDA).
  • Training for employees, managers, community managers.
  • Internal regulations on the use of ICT resources.


Adaptation to legal compliance of information society services for websites, mobile apps and other technological platforms:


  • Drafting of conditions of use according to the characteristics of the service.
  • Regulatory compliance with regard to cookies.
  • General terms and conditions for e-commerce platforms.
  • Legal validation of online marketing campaigns.
  • Legal validation of online competitions and sweepstakes through social networks.
  • Internet advertising contracts.

Protection of intangible assets

Protection and defence of strategic intangible assets of the business, as well as know-how and other important corporate information:


Industrial Property

  • Brand viability report.
  • Trademark protection at national, EU and international level.
  • Management and recovery of domain names.
  • Protection of patents, utility models, industrial designs, box designs and product packaging.
  • Actions for injunctions and damages.
  • Unfair competition and advertising actions against trademarks.
  • Adoption of preventive and precautionary measures.
  • Trademark sponsorship contracts.


Intellectual Property

  • Contracts for the assignment and licensing of exploitation rights.
  • Know-how assignment contracts.
  • Technology transfer contracts.
  • Software development contract.
  • Deposit of source code (Escrow).
  • Intellectual property management in digital environments.
  • Copyright management in digital works.
  • Audiovisual law in new digital platforms.
  • Open Content & Creative Commons.


Image rights

  • Drafting and review of image contracts.
  • Advice on the negotiation of image contracts

Technology contracts

Drawing up contracts for the management, development or provision of services through technology.


  • Purchase, sale and rental of hardware.
  • Assignment of use/transfer of technological platforms.
  • Technology distribution contracts.
  • Technology installation and maintenance contracts.
  • Hosting contracts.
  • Cloud computing services contract.
  • Service level agreement (SLA).
  • Outsourcing contracts.

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