At Delvy we understand the importance of professional and expert financial management. We understand that a growing company must keep an eye on the costs of support functions. To this end, we offer specialised services, both recurrent and ad hoc, fully integrated into the company’s operations, living the same day-to-day, sharing the same objectives, and adding value by integrating with the rest of the management functions, as well as the Board of Directors.


CFO on demand

  • Monthly closing (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement) based on accounting data.
  • Scorecard (KPI) compared to previous periods and business plan.
  • Report and discussion with Board of Directors and shareholders
  • Actions to be taken, control of execution of previous month’s actions


Strategic planning

  • Preparation of budgets, business plan and other ad hoc information
  • Valuation of the company


Representation of the company to third parties “This company has a CFO”.

  • We join your team for financing and investment rounds, due diligence, audits, M&A, public financing projects, bank financing, key commercial contracts, etc.
  • We present the information, discuss it with third parties and if necessary iterate the outcome.



  • Support for the opening and start-up of subsidiaries abroad
  • Consolidated financial statements (multi-country, multi-currency)

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