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Delvy participates on all type of transactions related to real estate investments: acquisitions, development, sale and leas back agreements, turn key agreements, forward funding agreements, among others.



We provide legal assistance preparing and drafting all documents related with a sale or purchase of property: letter of intent, pre-agreement – “Contrato de Arras” -,  Deed of purchase.


Obtaining Registry listings -“nota simple”- of the property as well as checking all possible liabilities.


We can represent our clients to obtain their Spanish Tax ID (NIE) as well as opening of bank accounts and signing before the Notary.



We advice on the taxes and fees to be paid when buying a property in Spain.


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Delvy Law & Finance is an innovative law firm born in Barcelona and headquartered in Passeig de Gràcia. We aim to be a reference when it comes to cover Real Estate & Property Law. We can offer an extensive experience working with international clients dealing with complex and multidisciplinary real estate advice and transactions.


We advise our clients throught all the stages of their legal processes. Barcelona has become a very attractive city for foreign investors in real estate. The quality of life, the city’s economic potential and the government granting residence as a result of investment in property worth more than 500,000 euros are the main causes. For that reason, Delvy has focused on offering a 360º Real Estate practice. An array of services we have been providing over the past years.


At Delvy Law & Finance we want to support the Real State initiative to the maximum. We offer all of our resources so that those planning sellingand purchasing real state and real state companies find in our expertise a good shelter. The client is at the center of our operations and we believe in an innovative approach to the legal practise. We focused not only on our client needs but also in the deep knowledge of a market as evolving as the real state one.
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Our offices in Barcelona and Madrid

Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 50, Planta 5, 08007
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Address: Calle Duque de Rivas, 5, 28012
Phone: +34 911 138 698 | Skype: delvy
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Some tips you should consider if you are thinking about buying a house in Spain…


1. Get a Golden VISA.


2. Find a property! We suggest you several websites in which you can look for the home of your dreams:


3. Pay attention to the Legal requirements:
Services of a notary (not required but advisable)

  • Make sure taxes are paid
  • Register the property


4. Choose a reliable lawyer, he will inform you about all you need to know.


5. We’re Real State Lawyers in Barcelona. In Delvy Law & Finance, we speak English, therefore you don’t have to look for a translator, unless you don’t speak nor English nor Spanish.



  1. The applicant could obtain a VISA and therefore the legal status to enter and stay in Spain for at least one year as a residence visa holder. There is no need to prove that the applicant and their family have been in Spain at least 6 months.*
  2. The VISA could be applied also for the direct family of the applicant.
  3. The applicant could travel and move freely to all Schengen Area.
  4. Golden Visa could be renewed for two more years. *
  5. Because of the proof avoidance of being in Spain 6 months, the applicant could maintain its tax residence criteria and therefore to keep its legal tax regimen outside Spain.

*For the renewal, there is also no need to prove that the applicant and its family have stayed in Spain 6 months.


Legal requirements:

These points have to be followed in order to have a chance to apply:

  • Never have been entered or stayed irregularly in Spain, or having entered or being in Spain irregularly at the moment of the presentation of the Visa.
  • Have at least the legal age to apply. (In Spain, the legal age is established in 18 years. It will be considered to all applicants, despite the legal age applied to them in the national countries).
  • Clear Criminal Records of the applicant and family members in the National Country and the previous countries the applicant and its family members have resided.
  • Health Insurance, either public or private, from a legal authorized entity to operate in Spain.
  • Have sufficient economic resources to cover the basic needs of the residence stay for the applicant and the family. (Presumed if is able to invest the previous mentioned amounts).