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Comprehensive Legal Services for Foreigners in Real Estate Investments in Spain

Do you want to buy or sell a property in Spain but don’t know where to start? Delvy Law and Finance is here to help. Our highly qualified team of Spanish property lawyers specializes in providing expert legal advice and personalized assistance to foreigners seeking guidance in real estate transactions in Spain. With our extensive experience and innovative approach, we ensure competent and compelling solutions for each case, making the process safe and easy for our clients.

Why Choose Delvy?

At Delvy, we pride ourselves on offering a unique and personalized service that involves our clients as active participants in our work. We prioritize the quality of our service and maintain close proximity to our clients, ensuring their maximum satisfaction with our well-executed job. Our expertise lies in the field of real estate law, where our Spanish property lawyers excel in delivering comprehensive and individualized advice throughout all stages of the purchase process.

Experts in Real Estate Law in Spain

Before the Purchase

Our Spanish property lawyers provide essential support during the preliminary phase of the purchase. They conduct thorough research on the property’s registry status, analyzing any encumbrances, mortgages, administrative debts, and other registered rights that may require resolution. We also evaluate existing rental contracts, ensuring compliance with current regulations and assessing their validity and solvency. Additionally, our lawyers study urban regulations, property liabilities, community debts, construction works, and tax obligations. They also explore the possibility of changing the property’s use, estimating associated costs and evaluating the financial viability of the transaction.

During the Purchase

Throughout the purchasing process, our Spanish property lawyers negotiate and draft all relevant legal documents, including reservation agreements, purchase contracts, lease contracts, mortgages, and more. They guide clients through the notarization process and ensure the property’s registration in the Land Registry. Furthermore, our lawyers handle the execution of state and municipal tax models, providing a comprehensive service that covers all legal aspects of the purchase.


After the successful acquisition, our services extend to property administration. Our Spanish property lawyers manage payment issues, fund provision, meetings, and the challenging of agreements. They also handle lease management, legal proceedings, lease agreement drafting, endorsements, novation contracts, tenant negotiations, and lease taxation. Our lawyers are prepared to initiate any necessary judicial or extrajudicial procedures related to property ownership and conservation, including cases involving damages caused by third parties. They are also experienced in handling the release of property encumbrances and change of use processes. Additionally, they handle administrative resources related to property valuation, property tax, added value tax, and documented legal acts.


At Delvy, we are committed to ensuring the safety and ease of our clients’ real estate investments in Spain. Our comprehensive range of services covers all aspects of property transactions, from due diligence and negotiation to legal documentation and post-purchase administration. Our Spanish property lawyers are dedicated to accompanying and advising our clients throughout the entire process, providing expert guidance and support. Contact us now to discuss your property needs in Spain, whether you’re looking to buy or sell.


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