We all know how hard it is to set up your own business. There are many elements to take into consideration and obstacles to overcome. In addition, this requires a high level of involvement, effort, will and work. Nevertheless, the satisfaction of creating and contributing something is wholly gratifying.

At Delvy Asesores, we want to support the enterprising initiative to the maximum, for which we offer all of our resources so that those with a business idea and who want to pursue it find the assistance they need to be able to make their project a reality.

A significant part of our firm is focused on advising in the creation of new companies, for which we have acquired considerable experience in quelling doubts or worries that many entrepreneurs have during the initiation and startup of their businesses.

We accompany startups from their inception, providing legal and tax counseling in all aspects of their business activity.

What legal services could a startup need?

We assist the startup team structure its relations through Partnership Agreements and we orient it with regards to the best legal form to be taken for its project.

We recommend and emphasize the importance of protecting the company’s intellectual property through the corresponding Trademark Registration.

We likewise provide consulting in relation to the company’s daily activity, be this through the drafting of all kinds of commercial agreements, adaptation of webpages to data protection and e-commerce regulations, among other needs which must be met, such as accounting, tax and labor management.

In short, our goal is to afford legal security to the entrepreneur and to accompany the startup through the different phases of its growth.

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