Owing to the current crisis rippling through the European Union, and especially due to the delicate situation of the Spanish domestic market, many Spanish companies are orienting their businesses outward. In this context, Latin America is one of the preferred destinations.

The high growth which this has witnessed in recent years, as well as the deep cultural relations which unify Latin America and Spain, turn the region into one of the most attractive for investment and for the opening of new markets.

At Delvy, we want to offer all of our resources so that the business owner successfully embarks on his or her projects in Latin America. We know that this is a complex market that presents a great diversity of opportunities depending on the country, but our experience and collaboration with the legal and business environment allow us to offer a comprehensive, high-quality and effective advising and counseling service.

Our international experience and training allows us to advise Spanish companies with economic interests in Latin America, with a strong specialization in the Central American region. Some of the subjects in which we can counsel you are:

  • Process for internationalizing local companies;
  • Distribution or agency contracts;
  • Trademark registration;
  • Registration of pharmaceuticals;
  • Establishment of affiliates, branches or representative offices;
  • Acquisition of companies;
  • Investment projects / advising in tenders;
  • Monitoring of existing investment;
  • Joint ventures;
  • Property and real estate investments, among others.

The Spanish business owner wishing to enter the market or invest should rely on the support of a legal consultant in Spain who is properly connected with the environment, allowing him or her to coordinate and channel local resources in the best manner possible in order to satisfy the needs of the business owner’s projects.

On our blog, we offer information related to foreign trade and foreign investment in Central America which can be of much use to Spanish business owners interested in expanding his or her markets and finding new business and investment opportunities.

If you want to contact us for any type of consulting related to your investment projects in the region, do not hesitate to use the following form and we will respond to you shortly.