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Delvy is a law firm based in Barcelona.

Are you looking for a lawyer in Madrid specializing in companies? Delvy, is a law firm in Madrid specialized in legal, tax and financial advice for technology startups. Therefore, we have a team of lawyers and economists, specialized and highly qualified for all types of businesses and companies.  Our services are professional and comprehensive, and we focus on companies with disruptive business models.  In addition, we analyze each client in a unique way, and provide the most appropriate solutions for the business. 


Undoubtedly, our extensive experience as lawyers for companies and startups has positioned us as experts in advising entrepreneurs. The purpose of our law firm in Madrid is to integrate ourselves into the Madrid startup ecosystem, to provide our future clients in Madrid with advice, to offer them the necessary information about all the aid for entrepreneurship in Madrid, to transmit the characteristics of this type of business so that emerging companies achieve success from their beginnings, and to achieve their pre-established objectives.


At Delvy, we work in an effective way, so we integrate an internal member of our staff to the project, achieving much more than an external advisor. Direct contact with our clients is essential, and this helps us to anticipate major business events and be more proactive in our work.


Law firm in Madrid

The law firm Delvy, started more than 8 years ago in the city of Barcelona, giving us a great experience advising startups, SMEs and companies.  In addition, in recent years, we have established ourselves in major cities of entrepreneurship such as Madrid and Mexico City. 


Due to the demand for services for entrepreneurs and the rapid consolidation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain, at Delvy we have clients distributed throughout the country. You can review some of our clients in the corresponding section.


Positioning ourselves as lawyers for companies in Madrid allows us to approach our clients, innovative businesses and entrepreneurs in this territory in a more effective way. We help those companies that want to establish themselves in the market, we provide them with experienced financial advice, and all from the best law firm in Madrid specialized in companies.




Lawyers in Barcelona

Advice for entrepreneurs in Madrid

At Delvy, we offer comprehensive advice focused on entrepreneurs in Madrid. We work with businesses and startups regardless of the stage they are in, such as pre-seed, seed, day-to-day operations, growth and consolidation, and even accompanying businesses in the process of selling their business (exit).



In order for our work to be as effective as possible, we are committed to immersing a member of our team in the project. This allows us to provide the necessary advice for the correct development of the startup in Madrid.

In short, our advice to entrepreneurs in Madrid provides companies and startups with the necessary legal security regardless of the stage they are at.

Financing and advice on investment rounds in Madrid.

This service, focused on the startup ecosystem in Madrid, is offered both to disruptive startups and to investors (Business Angels, Venture Capital, etc.).


The advice of our lawyers in Madrid provides legal and financial support in investment rounds, capital increases within the business and other services related to financing for entrepreneurs and business projects of innovative startups.

Likewise, for those entrepreneurs in Madrid who need it, we can offer our services and accompany the business in obtaining public financing, bank financing and other types of alternative financing.

Lawyers for Startups in Madrid

Are you an entrepreneur in Madrid and do you need advice for your project or startup?


At Delvy, we want to support entrepreneurship as much as possible, as we know first-hand the complexity involved in setting up a business. Therefore, we offer all our resources for those who have a business idea and want to start a business, we help them to follow all the necessary steps so that success is guaranteed.


Our experience allows us to transmit all our legal, fiscal and financial knowledge, which we have acquired in the creation of companies in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Mexico City, cradles of entrepreneurship in Spain and Mexico. Therefore, we can solve all the doubts that may arise during the start-up of a business.


Our law firm in Madrid advises entrepreneurs and offers them the legal services that a startup may need: shareholders agreements, selection of legal form, trademark registration, commercial contracts, adaptation of websites to data protection regulations, as well as accounting, tax and labour management.


Legal and financial advisory services for companies in Madrid


Commercial and Corporate Law

Legal advice for companies from their inception. Our law firm in Madrid takes into account all the commercial and corporate aspects to start up the project, while at the same time taking into account all the legal and fiscal points to start up a business. Such as: The incorporation of a company in Madrid, commercial contracts, drafting of the partners’ agreement, revision of statutes, legal analysis of the project, NDAs, among many other necessary services.

Financial Area

Our lawyers in Madrid have a financial area that is expert in advising companies and entrepreneurs to establish themselves in the market. The financial team offers specialized services in strategic planning, company representation and CFO on demand services, because at Delvy, we know how important it is to carry out professional financial management.

Some of the services of the financial area: balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, analysis of accounting data, preparation of budgets and business plans, company valuations, as well as support for the start-up of subsidiaries or branches.

Intellectual Property and Information and Communication Technology (IP&IT)

As lawyers for companies in Madrid, we guide clients in the protection of their intangible assets. We design a plan and carry out the necessary actions to ensure compliance with the legal obligations regarding Intellectual Property and ICT. 

With extensive experience in both e-commerce and all types of offline business, we know the importance of monitoring and reviewing data protection, privacy and confidentiality regulations.

Some of the services in this area are: drafting of privacy policies, confidentiality management, periodic IP&IT audits, confidentiality agreements, databases, management of the relationship with the AEPD (Spanish Data Protection Agency), assistance in sanctioning procedures, national and international data transfers, legitimation of data processing and drafting of internal regulations for the use of ICT resources.

For any business, the protection of intangible data is also key, and at Delvy we work to defend these important assets for the company. Industrial property (sponsorship, unfair competition, domains, trademarks and patents…), intellectual property (digital copyrights) and image rights (image contracts).

Similarly, nowadays it is absolutely crucial to ensure that any project complies with the legal conditions on its websites, apps and other technological platforms, which is why we help companies to comply with regulations on cookies, Internet advertising contracts and other technological contracts, such as hosting, cloud services or hardware rental.

Tax and Labour Law

At Delvy we have extensive experience in tax, accounting and labour law at any stage of a company’s life cycle.

Our lawyers in Madrid provide companies with effective responses to all kinds of needs: declarations, taxes for employees, settlements corresponding to other taxes, filing books in the commercial register, annual accounts, as well as other accounting issues.

In the labour area, Delvy Madrid offers services for the correct implementation and protection of labour relations within the company: registration, cancellation, contracts, certificates, settlements, as well as all the necessary information relating to the Statute of Workers, collective agreements to which the company adheres and new developments in labour legislation.

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