Opening a Business in Spain

If you have always dreamt of opening a business in Spain or decided that Spain is the right country to do so, we can help you. We know that this process requires time and dedication; for that reason, we recommend you to look for good advice and have very well trained people in this field on your side.



At Delvy Law and Finance, we are focused on assisting you in the creation of new companies, so we have acquired considerable experience in the resolution of doubts or concerns that many entrepreneurs have while initiating or starting their business. In addition, we support the entrepreneurial initiative to the fullest; because of this, we offer all our resources to the entrepreneurs so they can find the assistance they need to be able to carry out their project in the correct way. The services we provide are:



The firm advise both entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a business in Spain and companies that want to open a branch in our country. We have a highly qualified staff of lawyers to provide legal assistance in the preparation and writing up of all documents related to the start of a project, such as: the name of the company, the business register, the VAT number, the creation of the company bylaws, the payment of taxes and the preparation of the corporate securities. Additionally, we help the team to structure their relationship through partner agreements and we advise them to choose the best legal form for their project.



In Delvy Law & Finance we provide our clients who are interested in opening a business in Spain with guidance to obtain their company tax identification (NIF). If our client wishes, we can represent him before the notary and sign the necessary documents. In case that our client is out of the country, it is not required that he moves to Spain; we can manage everything through a power of attorney to carry out all the procedures on his behalf.



In Delvy Law & Finance we have a team specialized in tax and accounting to provide freelancers, companies and individuals with comprehensive advice on issues such as census declarations before the Tax Agency, rates for opening a business in Spain, taxes, preparation and presentation of tax assessments according to the tax obligations in each case.
In the same way, we advise our clients on issues such as: the development of the accounting of commercial companies based on the observance of the accounting principles and obligations required by the commercial law, the preparation of compulsory books and their deposit in the commercial registry, the elaboration of the quarterly and / or annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, memory, EXPN, EFE) and, if required, the supervision of the accounting department.



The firm offers its clients services for the correct implementation and protection of their labor relations when they are interested in opening a business in Spain. Our services are: the preparation and modification of work contracts, contract extensions and their communication to INEM, registrations and cancellations of social security, preparation of payrolls, labor schedules, employee liquidations, letters of dismissal, company certificates, processing of IT parts, the fiscal matter of model 111 and its annual summary and all the information related to the Statute of Workers, Collective Agreements and Labor Legislation in force.



At Delvy Law & Finance, we provide legal assistance to prepare and write up all the necessary documents for the purchase of a company with a license or to invest in a company in Spain.


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  • The client that allows us to advise him on opening a business in Spain receives:
  • Certificate of the name of the company.
  • Property deed of the company, including shares, bylaws and title property title.
  • Tax identification number of the company (NIF).
  • Registration in the Commercial
  • Registry and publication in the Gazette of the Commercial Registry.
  • Form 600 (stamp tax) filed and paid.
  • Form 036 (fiscal identification record) filed.


In Delvy Law & Finance, we focus on offering a unique and personalized treatment, acting as internal members of the team. We have a staff of lawyers and economists willing to help you with all the advice you require so you are able to open your company or branch with absolute success.


If you want to have high quality advice, someone close to you and responsible when opening a business in Spain, do not hesitate to contact us. At Delvy Law & Finance we are waiting for you to achieve together the satisfaction of an excellent teamwork.

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